Monday, October 8, 2012

Florida Bound

It has been a while since my last post. We have returned to Pennsylvania, spent some time with family and friends, admired the vibrant fall colors, revisited some old haunts, did a little hiking, made some preliminary summer plans, endured the fickle weather, and sometimes just did nothing.

This morning we left PA for Florida and I'm not too certain how I feel about that. I have missed my children and my pets very much. Living in a 36 foot motorhome is starting to get a little old. The weather was getting sucky. I should be more than ready to return home, right?
Yet lurking around inside of me was that old and familiar "blah, vacation is over", "back to the old grind", "will I ever get to do this again?" feeling. I guess retirement reality hasn't really sunk in yet! I'm sure it won't take too long to get past that! Should be home on Wed. If you hear some loud moans and groans coming from the Deltona area it's just the reality of having your "not so tidy" son living alone in your house for 4 months. Ah-h-h!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Moab to Kansas

Western Colorado is what you visualize Colorado should look like. 14,000 foot mountain peaks, twisty roads running alongside the wild Colorado river, hillsides covered with stately pines and vivid yellow aspens, tunnels through the mountains.

Eastern Colorado and Kansas are b-o-r-i-n-g! Flat, barren, gray/brown in color. Yuck!!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Canyonlands and Arches

On our 2003 vacation trip we spent a few days in Moab and visited Arches National Park. It was an amazing place and we swore we would come back some day and explore it further. That's what we did this week! We revisited a few favorite spots but mainly chose to hike to previously unexplored sites.

 On our way up to Delicate Arch. Nothing mentioned that we had to walk a ledge!

Delicate Arch

 Balanced Rock

 Skyline Arch - far view. We did hike up to it.

 Sand Dune Arch

 Broken Arch

 North Window
South Window

 Turret Arch

 Distant view of Double Arch

 Double Arch - my favorite arch in the park

 The Three Gossips

 Typical rock formation

We also spent a day in Canyonlands National Park. While Arches requires some hiking to achieve the best views, Canyonlands' views are mostly accessible by car.

Tomorrow we head east towards Pennsylvania. I have no idea whether there will be any side trips  between here and there. We're just going to take it a day at a time and see what happens.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back in Utah Again!

Change of plans! That's what's nice about being retired. You can be flexible. We had planned on visiting friends in Colorado once we left Vegas. However circumstances forced them to return to Florida. So we will postpone our visit to another time and start to head east. Slowly east! :) Our next stop is Moab UT. Home of Arches National Park, Canyon Lands National Park, and other natural wonders. I love Utah!!

Some of my favorite shots taken on the way to Moab.

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On to Vegas

The first time we came to Vegas was in 1999 for Bob's 50th birthday. Each time we visit we are amazed at the changes that have occurred since the last visit. Not only do the suburbs keep creeping further and further out into the desert but the strip itself is constantly changing as older casinos/hotels are demolished and taller sleeker ones are erected in their place. Hard to imagine that businesses and individuals are in economic difficulty when you are here.

Views of the Bellagio fountains from the back side.

There is a lot more to do in Las Vegas besides checking out all the casinos. While here we spent a day on Mt. Charleston . . .

Stormy weather moving in over the mountains.

Our view from the terrace of the Mt. Charleston Inn.

Didn't realize that the rain was turning into snow at the higher altitudes . . .

until we got near the top. At this point we turned around.

explored Red Rock Canyon . . .

One of the wild burros that roam freely. Below are Desert Bighorn Sheep.

toured the Hoover Dam . . .

View of Lake Meade.

New vehicle bridge over the river.

Below are the generators located inside the dam.

and traveled through Death Valley.

Badwater - 282 feet below sea level.