Sunday, July 7, 2013


One of the most common questions asked a newly retired person is "What do you do all day?" A good friend and I recently had a discussion about this and came to the conclusion that the given answer is frequently "stuff". 

So what IS "stuff"? For Bob and I "stuff" is pretty much the same every day things that we did when we worked only now we do it at a slower pace and and with more frequent breaks!

When we retired last June we immediately left on our Great Adventure and did not return to Deltona until October. The whole time we were gone felt like we were just on an extended vacation. After returning, the first few weeks were busily spent getting settled back in and catching up on a myriad of neglected chores. Then it was the hustle and bustle of the holidays that kept us busy. After 26 years the old homestead was starting to look and act a bit shabby so new AC and water heater, exterior siding repairs, exterior paint job, pool enclosure upgrade, laundry room and bedroom remodel were all on tap. Whew, all that was time consuming and before we knew it, it was spring again with all its endless lawn and garden chores!

The end of May we packed up the motorhome and headed north to PA for the summer and fall. Relaxation? Think again. Our motorhome site had not been occupied for several years. Major mowing, brush cutting, and trimming had to be completed. Water line had to be restored. Enclosed deck had to be built next to the motorhome to keep the cats contented. 

And all of this had to be completed between the seemingly endless rain storms! 

But now almost every project has been completed. There is time to sit on the deck and watch the gold finches and the chipmunks compete over the bird feeder.

There is time to marvel at the speed and dexterity of the hummingbirds as they dart to and from their feeder.

 There is time to watch my cucumber, summer squash, and lettuce seeds sprout and the daily growth of my baby tomatoes. 

There is time to observe the surprise on the faces of the deer as they discover that their usual path to the creek has been invaded by an alien species. There is time to discover that porcupines climb trees and that the cats definitely aren't familiar with woodchucks.

There is TIME!

And that is our "stuff".