Sunday, July 11, 2004

. . . and more touring!

Today we toured Yellowstone Park. [@more@]
The guide was not as personable as yesterday's but still very
knowledgeable. We discovered that there is way more to see in the park
than what you can do in one day. We definitely will have to come back.
Today we got to see bison, elk, antelope, and other deer. Of course, we
also saw lots of geysers. Only a few erupted while we were there but we
did see the most famous one - Old Faithful. I was very surprised that
the mist from the geyser was cold by the time it got to us. The Grand
Canyon of the Yellowstone was a surprise - very awe-inspiring. The
Upper and Lower Falls were breathtaking. I could have stood and watched
them for hours. Unfortunately, we didn't have that kind of time.
Tomorrow we will have to leave this wonderful part of Wyoming and start
for home. We do have one more vacation stop - Pike's Peak.

Check out - Karen's Korner for more pictures.

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