Monday, July 16, 2007


Today we decided to cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway. Good thing I had pre-determined the overlooks to stop at or we would have been on "overlook overload" after 10 miles! At Waterrock Knob we decided to hike to the overlook. The sign said it was .5 miles. Should be a cinch, right? .5 miles up a mountain is a lot different than .5 miles on flat ground! We probably got within 250 feet from the top but that last section looked like a killer, steep and all rock, so we wisely turned around and headed back. We got off the Parkway at mile marker 412. The first 15 miles were one continuous series of downhill "s" turns. I felt like a pinball in the back seat. We stopped at Harrah's on the way back, chowed down at the buffet (not fancy but tasty), and hit the slots. We're definitely not millionaires yet. I've been trying to post pictures in our gallery but it's slow going. The internet connection is not the greatest. Check out the photo gallery.

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  1. The car ride sounds interesting! I tried viewing pictures but it kept coming up as a fatal error. Hopefully Mike can get that fixed for you soon.