Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer's Almost Over. . .

for me, anyways. School officially starts for staff next week (Aug 12) but I have some school things I need to do this week. Time goes by way too fast! I didn't begin to get everything accomplished on my summer "to do" list and I certainly didn't keep this blog updated. So what DID I accomplish?? I'm not really certain. I spent time working in the yard and flower beds, I did some major cleaning, I read a few books, I scrapbooked, I painted walls and woodwork, I went to the dentist and the eye doctor, I wasted a day waiting for a repairman, and I spent a few days just shopping. In June we enjoyed Sarah's dance recital and her 8th birthday. We spent the 4th of July week-end at the races in Daytona and later in the month a week in Tennessee with Mindi, Chris, and Sarah. In July we also had a family picnic to celebrate Bob's birthday. H-m-m, all that in just 6 weeks? It looks more impressive when you write it all down but I still feel like I should have been able to do so much more. I will try to get pictures posted as soon as possible so keep checking back.

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