Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolution

I want to apologize. When I first set up this blog I intended to post frequently, sharing my thoughts and ideas, and giving people a glimpse of our everyday life. Instead it seems to have become just a travel diary. My New Year's resolution - to return the blog to its original purpose. I can't guarantee I will be successful but I will certainly try!

It was back to work today after a two week vacation. One week was spent in retirement practice. Just Bob and I and our motorhome at an RV Park definitely designed for retired couples. We didn't completely fit in, not because of age but because we had no pets with us! Most every motorhome had at least one dog or cat and many had multiple pets. Our poor cats were left at home. It was an interesting experiment. I spent the first couple of days feeling like I should be doing something. By the time I was comfortable with no itinerary it was time to leave. Bob seemed to have the opposite reaction, very relaxed and at ease the first dew days but getting restless by the end. Fortunately we still have plenty of time to perfect this retirement thing!

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