Monday, June 28, 2010

We had relatives from Pennsylvania visiting the area last week. We didn't see as much of them as we would have liked. Just like us when we're on vacation, they had an agenda. I will be so glad when we will be able to travel at our leisure without schedules and timetables. We will be leaving on our vacation next Sunday. Our "timetable" will be July 4-8 - Las Vegas, July 8 and 9 - Kanab Utah, July 10 and 11 - Page Arizona, July 12 - back to Las Vegas, and July 13 - home.

In our household we have 3 cats that are neutered and not allowed to venture outside. However we seem to be the minority in this neighborhood. There are many cats just wandering about. A mother and 3 kittens have taken up residence under our storage shed. Being the soft-hearted person that I am I have been putting food out for them daily. Even though they are feral the kittens are becoming brave and curious. Our cats were on the inside looking out.

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