Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We Have Finally Made It!

After a month and a half away from home we finally have made it to Alaska!

In the past few days we have seen moose, black bears, and bison in the road or along the edges of the road. Unfortunately you'll have to trust me on the moose sighting as no one got pictures! I'm certain there will be plenty more photo ops.

We have seen aquamarine hued lakes and rushing streams with tall mountain peaks in the background.

We have occasionally seen some strange sights like the Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake, BC.

In the Yukon we drove past the Kluane Ice Fields where you can see icy glaciers nestling in the folds of the mountains and the peaks are permanently topped with snow and often clouds.

The road (Alaskan Highway) has certainly lived up to its reputation. Everything inside and outside of the motorhome is covered in dust and new rattles seem to appear every day. Our windshield now sports a chip and tiny crack. In one place the road had actually washed out from recent storms. 

I have been amazed by the miles and miles of nothing but trees, water, and mountains with no signs of civilization but the road itself and the vehicles we met. One of the campgrounds we stayed in had no actual electric service. All of their power was provided by a very large generator. You also had to take all your garbage with you because the nearest landfill was 70 miles away! I also liked the sign posted by the door of the office and the owner was very serious about that.

But you know what the scariest thing is? The only way out is the same way we came in! But we have a lot more to see and do before we are ready to leave so we'll worry about that later.

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