Sunday, September 9, 2012


We have been in southern Utah since Monday and have been enjoying both our "r and r" time and our sightseeing time. Because we lost our secondary mode of transportation (the "toad" aka the car) when our traveling companions departed, we opted to rent a car in St. George. I did all the preliminary paperwork on line Monday evening to expedite the process. We chose to rent just a standard "no frills" car. This is what we ended up with!

Not exactly what we had planned on. I admit that I once coveted a Mustang but we quickly discovered that it is definitely a car for the younger crowd. It was not an easy car to get in and out of and I had to sit on a pillow in order to see out of the passenger windows. Fortunately the driver side had a lever that you could use to raise the seat to a more comfortable level. We plan to rent a car in Vegas. I think, no I know, that we will make a different choice!

Wednesday was spent hiking and exploring in Zion National Park. During the summer months you have to park your car at the visitor center and utilize the park's shuttle bus system. It worked well. The busses arrived in a timely fashion, were not over crowded, and you could get on and off as you pleased.   A few of my favorite pictures are posted below and you can find more in our Flickr Photo Gallery.

Thursday we visited Kolob Canyon which is located in the northwest corner of Zion. It's a five mile scenic drive with some spectacular views.

Friday we went to Snow Canyon State Park just a few miles outside of St. George. It had just as nice scenery as the bigger parks but way less visitors. There was no sense of "hurry, hurry, move along". Refreshing!

Below is a lava field.

Bob is standing on a petrified sand dune.

Looking up at an arch.

Tomorrow it's on to Vegas. We have vacationed there quite a few times and have stayed at many of the major casino/hotels and twice in vacation rentals but this will be the first time in a motorhome. We have reservations at the KOA at Circus Circus. We'll see how that goes.

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