Thursday, September 25, 2014

Our second stop - Cortez, Colorado

After spending time in San Antonio, we moved on to Cortez, CO.

Border Patrol stop in New Mexico
New Mexico scenery
More NM scenery

After settling in at Ute Mountain Casino and RV Resort, Mesa Verde National Park was our first sight-seeing destination.

Bob and Mike in front of old Knife Edge Road, the original park entrance.
Some examples of pit houses built around A.D. 650 by the Anasazi:

Pueblo Village circa A.D. 860. Built above ground around an open plaza.

 Anasazi village circa A.D. 1200.

 Around A.D. 1250 the Anasazi started to abandon the mesa top buildings and move into alcoves in the canyon walls.

Kodak House
Long House
Long House 
Long House
Spruce Tree House
Square Tower House
Square Tower House close-up
Fire Temple 
Fire Temple 
Cliff Palace

Coming next - Four Corners and Monument Valley

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