Thursday, July 22, 2010


I love vacation! Who doesn't? For some people a vacation means simply not having to go to work. For Bob and I a vacation means - ROAD TRIP!! We love exploring new places and revisiting old favorites. But sometimes reality is hard to return to. That's what happened to me last week. We returned home late last Tuesday and I just couldn't seem to settle back into the daily routine. I did get laundry completed but spent most of my time reliving vacation and finishing my library books. I couldn't even dig up enough ambition to post the rest of the vacation pictures. Of course this week I panicked when I realized that school starts in 3 weeks and my summer "to do" list is still a mile long! We had a wonderful trip, enjoyed spending time with family and friends from PA and NY, and took lots of pictures. Pictures are posted and I'm working on adding captions and descriptions. Check out the Flickr Web Album link to see them. We're already thinking about our next road trip.

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