Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation 2010

I am becoming tech savvy! On this trip I have learned how to post to Facebook from my phone and how to tweet. Look out world! We are now into the part of our trip that I really enjoy - sightseeing. Thursday morning we said goodbye to Rose, Terry, Nancy, and Ruthie and headed to Kanab Utah. We arrived early in the afternoon and decided to head to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for sunset. Friday we explored some of the Grand Staircase. We drove the Cottonwood Canyon Road from one end to the other with a side trip to see Grosvenor Arch. We had rented an SUV for this purpose but probably should have had a 4 wheel drive vehicle. The road was quite rutted and washboardy but, oh, was the scenery worth it! We also wanted to hike the Willis Creek slot canyon but the road in was too poorly maintained. It seems that you can't always trust internet reviews. I was quite disappointed as I had really wanted to see this slot canyon. Instead we went back to Burr Trail to check out the scene of one of our worst RV nightmares. The trail is now paved and not at all the way we remembered it. We never could find the infamous switchbacks - probably didn't drive far enough in. Today we moved from Kanab to Page, Arizona. As it was a short trip we stopped at the Glen Canyon Dam for a bit and then hiked to a ledge over the Colorado River to see Horseshoe Bend. Tomorrow we have booked a tour of Antelope Canyon for the morning and haven't decided on any afternoon activities yet. I need to get more pictures posted! Here are a few.

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