Sunday, August 26, 2012

Seward and Valdez

After saying farewell to the beautiful Homer Spit, we moved on to Seward. As we traveled along the Cook Inlet we saw what looked like a floating island to the left of us. The magical kingdom of Avalon?

It was actually a tall snow covered mountain on the other side of the Inlet but fog and mist can sure play strange tricks! As it was a Saturday there were lots of fisherman about including some four legged ones that you can see in the background of the next picture.

Seward's small boat harbor.

Notice the snow covered mountains right next to the harbor. It was the strangest thing - the further south we went the colder and snowier it seemed to get!
One of the things on our Seward agenda was a glacier/wildlife cruise of the Kenai Fjords National Park. Unfortunately the weather was not very cooperative and it was a very cold, rough, and rainy cruise. Neither Bob nor I got seasick but there were a number of green faces and barf bags on board! We did see otters, puffins, sea lions, seals, whales, and glaciers but the pictures leave much to be desired because of the poor weather conditions.

The day after the cruise we went to the Sea Life Center and I was able to get better puffin and seal pictures.

Baby walrus that they were caring for.
Our next stop was Valdez. Because of where these port cities (Homer, Seward, and Valdez) are located we have had to do some backtracking each time we move to a different location but we never tire of the scenery.


We have tired of the endless road construction though!

Valdez has a fish hatchery and when we were there the salmon were returning to the area to spawn. It was an amazing sight. Hundreds and hundreds of salmon all congregating in the same area trying to climb the fish ladder.

A great place for fishermen whether they are two legged or four.

Our trip is now starting to wind down. Tomorrow we will cross back over into Canada and start heading south. Hopefully our adventures will continue!

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