Sunday, September 2, 2012

Homeward Bound - Somewhat

Since my last post we have left Alaska; traveled back through the Yukon Territory, British Columbia, and Alberta Canada; and crossed the border back into Montana. Because the routes to and from Alaska are very limited we traveled the same route as before. Therefore only a few new pictures were taken as most everything had already been photographed to death. :)

The Alaskan Pipeline goes from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez. In some places you can see it from the road.

A pumping station on the pipeline.

We did not get to Prudhoe Bay which was a place on my "bucket list" but we did see the terminal in Valdez. I just didn't think to take a picture!

The snow was starting to appear on the lower mountains.

The aspens and the roadside vegetation were starting to get their fall colors also.

My feelings about Alaska... Alaska is very beautiful. The snow covered peaks against all the rich shades of green are breathtaking. Throw in the turquoise lakes and rivers and the occasional vivid blue sky and wow!! Notice that I said occasional blue sky. It rains a lot in Alaska.

Would we go back? Yes. Would we drive through Canada again? I doubt it. The part of Alberta that we drove through was flat agricultural country not the most awe inspiring scenery. British Columbia had some impressive mountains and we did have great wildlife viewing opportunities.

Folded mountain.

Elk crossing the road.

Stone sheep relaxing on the side of the road.

Moose crossing the road.

The Yukon Territory is large and empty except for trees - miles and miles of trees.

And the roads do live up to their reputation! Unending construction delays.

In one place the road was entirely washed out and a temporary roadway was in place.

So how would we get to Alaska? Fly in and rent an rv. I would also like to do a cruise to see Juneau, Skagway, and the other coastal areas.

Because we are still enjoying our recent release from work, timelines, etc. we are continuing with our travels. In Montana we parted company with our traveling companions as they needed to head towards home. We have continued south on I-15 through Montana and into Idaho. I have decided I like western Montana better than the eastern part. Much more variety in the scenery. The topography seems to change every few miles. Plains to mountains to canyons to hills and back again.

Strip mining in Butte MT.

Idaho's scenery was very similar to Montana's.

Stacks and stacks of hay in the fields.

I like the changes in scenery, the trip doesn't become monotonous.

We have also observed wildlife - mule deer, antelope, swans gliding on a pond, a bald eagle perched on the edge of his nest, a coyote loping along the side of the road, even a bunny munching on the campground's lawn.

Not all wildlife has been authentic. We saw similar painted bison in Custer SD.

Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Salt Lake City. If you look very close you can see the Morman Tabernacle in the center of the picture.

We are going to continue traveling south to St. George, Utah where we will settle in for a few days of "r and r" and some sight-seeing. Southern Utah is one of our favorite places.

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  1. A few years ago my sister and my niece, Tracy, flew from MA to Utah and attended a very moving performance by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in their temple.

    Pictures are beautiful.