Monday, July 5, 2004

Happy Birthday, Mindi!

Today we toured the Badlands on our way to the Black Hills. [@more@]
Very impressive! At our first stop we hiked way out to the edge of a small canyon. We had to follow these little markers set in the rock so we wouldn't get lost. The rocks are kind of like really hard clay and they get very slippery if they are wet. The sky was getting very black and we were afraid it was going to start to rain and we sure didn't want to get stranded so we headed back to the motorhome. It did rain later in the day as we were headed to our next RV site - Mt. Rushmore KOA. We had to drive right by Mt. Rushmore to get to the park. We all took pictures but plan to actually visit the monument either tomorrow or Wednesday. Mt. Rushmore KOA is really nice. It's nestled in the mountains with lots of trees and a great view. We all ate at the KOA restaurant to celebrate Mindi's birthday.

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