Friday, July 9, 2004

More touring!

Today was a rest and relax day. [@more@]
We could sleep in! Of course, no one did. Everyone wanted to get out and see stuff. We made our reservations for the Yellowstone Circle of Fire tour and the Teton tour. We then took a hike around Yellowstone Lake and ran into deer! We also saw white pelicans. I thought pelicans were warm climate birds but obviously I was wrong. Sarah was fascinated by the baby squirrels at the visitor center. Later in the day Bob, Mike, Chris and I went for a hike on the Howard Eaton Trail. The only wildlife we saw besides ducks and pelicans were the mosquitoes that were big enough to carry us away! Mindi stayed at the RV with Sarah and had supper ready for us when we got back. Thank goodness! I was pooped!

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