Monday, July 10, 2006

Mt Desert Island

Yesterday we explored Acadia National Park. We took the Park Loop Road and stopped at all the popular spots. How did we know they were popular? There were very few parking places! Of course it was also a beautiful sunny SUNDAY. Playing with the waves in Acadia Nat As we were in Maine we had to have a lobster dinner. That did NOT live up to our expectations. Because Bob doesn't care for seafood we opted for a place that served other food also. Lobster was obviously not their speciality! Oh well, at least we can say we had Maine lobster. We had scheduled a "whale-sighting" cruise for today but that, also, was a disappointment. Our transportation for the We didn't make it beyond the harbor as the waves were really big and fog was coming in. It probably was a good thing that the boat turned around as people, including Mindi and Sarah, were starting to turn green. We did get our money back. So we went back to Acadia Nat'l Park, drove up to the summit of Cadillac Mountain, and went to see a lighthouse.Bass Harbor lighthouse We stopped at a little restaurant in Southwest Harbor and had a great lunch complete with wild blueberry crisp. Well worth the price! Tomorrow we start for home with a stop in MA to visit Cape Cod. This may be the last post as I don't know what kind of internet connections we will get on the road. I hope to get all the pictures uploaded as soon as I get home so check back.

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