Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Getting Closer to Alaska

It's beginning to feel like we may actually get to Alaska! Tuesday morning we left Shelby MT and crossed the border into Alberta, Canada at the Sweetgrass crossing. They didn't ask about fresh fruits and veggies, they didn't ask about proof of Canadian insurance, they asked about alcohol, tobacco, and firearms! Go figure!

It took us a bit to get accustomed to the metric way of thinking - kilometers instead of miles, buying gas by the liter instead of the gallon, and seeing the gas price listed as 112.9. That's cents not dollars so it's actually $1.129 a liter or about $4.36 a gallon. A bit pricier than in the states. Be grateful!

We spent the night in Gunn, AB at a mediocre campground. About 2:00 this afternoon we arrived at Dawson Creek, BC and the famous Alaskan Highway. Yay!

You do see some strange sights at times!

We were hoping for a moose crossing but no such luck.

Tomorrow we will continue traveling through British Columbia. Who knows what we'll see?

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